The New Wedding Designer for Suits and Tuxedos That Everyone is Talking About

Suits Tell Stories #002 -

To us weddings aren’t just any special occasion.

Honestly, nobody loves weddings and takes them more seriously than Loren Spratt. When we started designing wedding suits and tuxedos 7 years ago, it was simply to help family and friends.  Since then we've been blessed to design garments for actors, grammy award winning musicians, and to have those designs shown and worn on national television and in film.  

Today we have evolved to create garments that are more than suits, but are unique works of art.  Art that needs to be worn to be seen, and worn to tell a story. Whatever the story or desired style may be, we want our client to share that story for a lifetime.

It is because of this unique approach of helping clients by designing garments that speak for themselves that we were selected and recognized as the WINNER of the ESSENCE 2015 Bridal Bliss Awards For Best Dressed Groomsmen.

Being recognized for doing what you love is truly a blessing.  We couldn't have done it without our clients, and to them we want to emphatically say thank you.


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