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The New Wedding Designer for Suits and Tuxedos That Everyone is Talking About

Suits Tell Stories #002 - To us weddings aren’t just any special occasion. Honestly, nobody loves weddings and takes them more seriously than Loren Spratt. When we started designing wedding suits and tuxedos 7 years ago, it was simply to help family and friends.  Since then we've been blessed to design garments for actors, grammy award winning musicians, and to have those designs shown and worn on national television and in film.   Today we have evolved to create garments that are more than suits, but are unique works of art.  Art that needs to be worn to be seen, and worn to tell a story. Whatever the story or desired style may be, we want our client to share that story for a...

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Suits Tell Stories

Suits Tell Stories.   On sight before people meet or speak to you, they’ve already created an impression in their minds of who you are by what you look like and how you’re dressed. It’s natural as people that we use the outer as insight into the minds of the people we’re getting to know. Considering this, it’s very fair to say that clothes are more than clothes, and suits are more than suits. A man’s suit does more than serve the functional purpose of covering his body. It says who he is. It tells his story!   So, you may ask, “What story is Loren Spratt telling?” Though there are many, you can be sure of one thing. The...

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